Insights • May 23rd, 2023

A Guide to Independent Living Apartments

Previously, we outlined the three major types of retirement living in Australia, and this article focuses on downsizing into an independent living apartment (ILA), which is becoming increasingly popular.

Why an ILA?

The retirement living industry is rapidly evolving. The purpose-built ILA, as a smaller housing option, is designed to suit the latest generation of retirees who want to live in a safe and friendly community with people of a similar age but don’t require a large living space.

Here are some of the benefits of moving into an independent living apartment:

Low Maintenance

First and foremost, downsizing to an apartment is the perfect opportunity to reduce the to-do list when residing in a single dwelling. A home with relatively less space to clean and tidy and no need for lawn care or other outdoor maintenance is ideal for those seniors who want an easier, less stressful and more comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Superior Locations

The flexibility, convenience, and improved lifestyle that an ILA offers are exactly what today's seniors are searching for. In Australia, most of the newly constructed ILA developments are often located in the heart of a neighbourhood where everything is within reach, allowing seniors to enjoy a connected neighbourhood and appreciate generational diversity.

Maximum Safety & Security

An apartment complex can provide an extra layer of security that a village cannot.

The majority of apartment buildings are located in gated communities with restricted access, round-the-clock security cameras, and enhanced fire safety.

Plus, features such as single-floor living, wide doorways and hallways, and fewer steps increase safety, making ILAs ideal for seniors who seek peace of mind.

Gorgeous Floorplans

ILAs frequently have a big, open living room compared to traditional apartments. They have additional storage space and adaptable open-plan designs that maximize natural light. The most popular apartment sizes in ILA communities are two and three bedrooms, providing a calm and comfortable living space where seniors can live independently.

Designs for the Elderly

Almost all senior living dwellings in Australia have elderly-friendly designs to some extent. This means that the internal layout and features are designed to favour seniors and individuals with reduced mobility, enabling them to stay independent in their everyday lives.

Furthermore, an increasing number of ILA developments in Australia have also achieved a particular accreditation level and met the most recent Livable House Design Standards.

Under the guideline, ILAs must include minimum accessibility features such as step-free access, slip-resistant flooring, widened hallways and doors, brighter lights, bathrooms with a hobless shower recess, and reinforced walls around the toilet for the installation of grab rails at a later time.

Emergency Alarm Button

Despite the various safety features, accidents can still happen. Therefore, the installation of an emergency alarm button in an ILA is typical. These alarms are typically placed in the bathroom or bedroom close to the floor so that residents can seek prompt help if an accident occurs, such as a fall.

Baby boomers place high importance on the quality of life, and modern retirement communities are responding with on-trend designs and fittings. At Orion, we are committed to staying at the forefront of significant trends in the retirement living industry. As we continue to plan our first ILA project, the Ringwood Churchill, we are dedicated to implementing the most cutting-edge ideas to create a vibrant and comfortable community for our residents.